Rebekah Shaman's Second AQUARIUS FULL MOON LUNASCOPE - Wednesday 21st August 2013 01:45 GMT

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Rebekah Shaman's Second AQUARIUS FULL MOON LUNASCOPE - Wednesday 21st August 2013 01:45 GMT

Post by mia on August 19th 2013, 4:53 am

There are only twelve months to the Gregorian calendar but thirteen moons, giving us a different double full moon every year.† This year we have a second full moon in Aquarius, creating an auspicious connection between the Leo sun and the Aquarian moon energy.

A second Aquarius moon gives us a double dose of the Aquarius energy that seems very fitting at this moment in time. Aquarius brings with it the energy of unpredictability, despite it being a fixed air sign. It breaks traditions, creates new rules and loves change. Fuelled by the rebellious Uranus, it spurs us into action where we see injustice and inequality.

Heightened by the Leo sun, which is all about shining our light and making a stand, we can no longer just sit back as passive observers and watch what is happening around us. Under an Aquarius moon we begin to see our place in the world and where we can put our unique skills and talents to good use.

Leo is concerned with self-expression, while Aquarius focuses on the collective and our part in it. This is creating a tension in the energy, as the situation is reaching crisis point on the planet and we are now being forced to look at how individualism is affecting the community, as a whole. However, under this moon the two are not mutually exclusive, giving us another opportunity this year, to see how we, personally, can best serve humanity.
Aquarius full moon wakes us up to how even our smallest actions affect the whole, including politically (with our vote), economically (with our buying decisions), ecologically (with our lifestyle decisions), abundantly (with our giving decisions), and emotionally (with our attitude towards ourself and others).
This moon can help balance the struggle between the ego and the heart, enabling us to face our personal prejudices and fears, bringing the focus back to our unique destiny and the part we all play in the unfolding of the global story. It helps us actively become part of the solution, rather than remain part of the diseased system.
We have the energy and courage, urged on by the Leo sun, to stand up to oppression, bullying, and persecution and empowering us to make a stand against injustice. However, the extreme of this is proving our point to the death, and we are seeing this extreme in Egypt right now. When we become too obsessed by our own version of truth, we become fanatical and zealous.

Find the balance during this Aquarius moon and open to the magic and unlimited potential of our creativity. We can be, and create, anything we want and Aquarius urges us to choose serving the collective whole/common good to create harmony and peace in our lives, and in the world.

If you have found life has been a bit of a struggle recently, tune out the media negativity and use this moon to let go of what you cannot change, surrender to the flow and find time to enjoy yourself. When we start focusing on the positive aspects of life we naturally feel more positive, upbeat and inspired to be the change. We feel more sociable and friendly under this moon and this is a great time for making connections and meeting people who can help us move our projects forward.

We can also feel more self-sufficient under an Aquarius moon. Enabling us to realise our own inner guidance and tools are as powerful as needing the advice of others. †Be careful not to upset someone by being too blunt with the truth. Emotions can run high and things can be taken out of context leading to an emotionally charged fall out that wasnít intended.

If you find yourself blocked creatively, or feeling frustrated by the actions of others, go out into nature and find the inspiration in Mother Nature. Just becoming aware of the natural flows of nature can remind us of how we can find our own flow and our own answers more easily.

I would like to share the story of the Daffodil Principal to encapsulate this moon. Since 1958 a woman in California, USA has been planting daffodils on the side of a mountain and has transformed the whole area. In total she has planted over 50,000 bulbs. When people ask her how she did it, her answer is "One at a time, by one woman. Two hands, two feet, and one brain." This is the time to break out of your rut and do something different - be the change - there is only NOW!!

I will end this Lunascope with the very wise words of Anais Nin:

ďAnd the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

With Gratitude, Blessings and Love
Rebekah Shaman

I am very happy to share my Lunascope but if you do use any part of it please credit me and my website so people can subscribe.
Thank you,
R.S x x x


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Re: Rebekah Shaman's Second AQUARIUS FULL MOON LUNASCOPE - Wednesday 21st August 2013 01:45 GMT

Post by laura ann on August 19th 2013, 7:13 am

ďAnd the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
love this...thanks for sharing again Mia amor'e
laura ann
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