how to check those who give us guidance

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how to check those who give us guidance

Post by laura ann on March 7th 2015, 1:26 pm

This is how to check out those who come to give us guidance etc.

Our own intuition is the best guide of all; however, when we are lost or feel unbalanced, it is hard to believe in ourselves, and we then look to others for support.

However, there are many levels and some of the 'lower' evolved spirits can mimic the 'higher' evolved guides and helpers.
The following is a safeguard and should be carried out each and every time, even with those guides who are well known to you.

Imagine the 6-pointed star in-front of you.
Ask the guide, angel etc. to step into it.
Ask them 6 times....
"Do you come in love, light, truth and wisdom?"
If they answer happily 'yes' each time then they are genuine.
If they do not; if they start to question you or get agitated, angry etc. or even refuse to step into the star, then they are not genuine.
You then need to tell them VERY FIRMLY AND WITH CONVICTION, to get lost and to return to their own level of truth.

Step into the star then yourself, for cleansing.

Happy communication.
laura ann

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