the WATERFALL channelled from Yeshua

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the WATERFALL channelled from Yeshua

Post by laura ann on August 10th 2013, 10:46 am

a friend of mine channels messages from Yeshua.have had this for many years
 Here is  a meditation he gave us. I did in my  earlier learning days and  did it laying down. Lol
energy pooled at my feet instead of flowing out of  them... Ya gtta laugh at innocence.. My feet hurt for a week...
so  I suggest sitting up for this one loo

Sit comfortably as in a position that you would use to normally meditate...and replace
your meditation with this one.

Relax, and imagine you are a beautiful waterfall. [Give yourself a
few moments for this] Now...repeat a few times in your mind...or
ask your guide to do so for you...he/she just might.

"The water flows in.....the water flows away...

See yourself as the water flows into you, and see yourself as the
water flows away from you…

You are still a waterfall, you are
allowing the water to flow from above into you, and to flow outwards
away from you.

You are a beautiful waterfall...water flows into you, water flows
out from you.

You are refreshed, you are cleansed, you are healed, and you are quenched.

See the animals and the people rest within you, see them being quenched, being refreshed in you.

See them being cleansed, being healed in you.

The Water flows into you, the Water flows out from you.

The sun shines on you and you sparkle and twinkle, rainbow colours form and disappear in you...

you are glorious, you are beautiful.

The moon shines on you and you are luminescent.

You reflect her face and the see the stars twinkle within you.


The Water flows into you, the Water flows out from you.

A pond is formed where your feet are.

Within that pond people can sit, swim or play.

The waters quench them and relax them, it cleanses them
and refreshes them.

They learn and experience from their immersion within you.

You are the waterfall.

 The waters flow into you...from above. The waters flow out from below.

The waters are all colors, all spirits.

 You accept them, you enfold them, and you let them go.

 You give them to others, you use them, you release them.

You are the waterfall, you are beautiful

The Water flows into you, and the Water flows out from you.



In deepest love

Written by Rose Powell as channeled from her Spirit Guide

laura ann

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Re: the WATERFALL channelled from Yeshua

Post by mia on August 10th 2013, 11:10 am

That sounds lovely!



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Re: the WATERFALL channelled from Yeshua

Post by ATouchofHeart on August 10th 2013, 11:23 am

That was beautiful Laura Ann.
I recorded it on my audio player. 
Will try to convert it from the VOC file to MP3. 

Do you remember that I posted I saw Yeshua twice in 2010 

I felt this was for me. I'll try it tonight. 

Thank You

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Re: the WATERFALL channelled from Yeshua

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