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pink flame meditation

Post by laura ann on August 5th 2013, 10:34 am

Pink Flame Meditation

Begin by imagining yourself standing on the sands of a white beach on a beautiful island. Feel or imagine the warm, white sand beneath your bare feet.

Blue-green water laps gently at the shore, and a gentle breeze touches your body. Feel it on your hands and your feet. You can see white sand beneath the clear blue-green water.

As you watch, dolphins rise to the surface, play, and submerge. They call to you and acknowledge your presence.

There are beautiful shells of every form along the shore, in colors of coral, peach, and pink. You can pick up one of the shells and hold it to your ear, listening to the sounds of the sea that come from within it.

The water is smooth and still. You experience a deep feeling of peace and harmony. Your body is rested and relaxed, but strong and alert as you hold this place of deep peace.

This island is more beautiful than anywhere you have ever visited. You allow in the experience of awe and tranquility as you look around to see more of it. There is nothing here but beauty, peace, and joy, and your awareness of the island, of this place, heightens as you notice and absorb your experience of it.

There is a small forest behind you. The forest is composed of many kinds of trees. There are trees covered in the blossoms of exquisite flowers. There are deciduous trees, extending their leafy branches down to the earth. And there are ancient conifers that have lived for centuries.

It is the most beautiful forest you have ever seen. When you turn to look at it, the trees wave their branches toward you, and you breathe in their clean, green scent.

Brightly colored birds call from the forest. Their voices rise and then fade. You catch glimpses of them as they fly from one tree to the next.

The forest floor is covered in rich mosses. Thousands of shades of green moss carpet the ground beneath the trees. Tiny flowers of blue, pink, yellow, purple, and white are interspersed in the green moss.

Take a step into the forest, and as you do, feel the soft, damp moss beneath your feet. Look more closely at it, and at the flowers that grow within it.

Look up to see bits of the blue, blue sky through the tops of the trees. Look down once more, and see star shapes of flowers, round flowers with brilliantly colored centers, and flowers so small they are almost invisible, yet all together they create areas of color in the green moss.

If you want to see the animals that live within this forest, wish to see them and they will come. You can touch them and speak to them.

Butterflies and birds will come if you call, and perch upon your hand if you want them to.

When you notice the flowers, they move slightly toward you. If you stroke their leaves or petals, they move even more.

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty you have created here, to realize how nature responds to the impetus of your heart.

Take another moment to look around yourself in a circular pattern. In front of you, a white path leads uphill, through the forest. The path is filled with white sand and pebbles. Behind you, the island's shore lies at the bottom of this hillside path.

You are going to follow this narrow, winding path to the top of the hill. It is cool and soft beneath your feet as you travel upward through the forest.

As you walk, going deeper into the forest, the trees become more dense, and the air takes on a refreshing coolness. It becomes darker, and the air smells sweet and deep and cool.

Then, after a few minutes, the path takes you to a place where the trees are less dense, and the light of the sun penetrates through.

If you look up now, you can see blue sky through the trees the most beautiful shade of blue you have ever seen. And there are white clouds that make shapes from childhood dreams.

As you walk upward, the path becomes steeper and narrower, and the trees become thinner. Ahead, you see light, and the irridescent blue of the sky. As far as you can see, the earth on either side and ahead of you is covered with flowers in brilliant hues.

Continue walking toward the light, away from the water and forest, until at last you leave the trees behind and approach the summit of the hill.

Look back. You can see the island beneath you, the water, the trees, the beach. And, far away, you see the horizon the place where the sun touches the water.

It is beautiful here, with huge rocks, exquisite flowers, and a cool breeze. The sun is shining. And you can just glimpse a temple at the top of the hill.

As you walk upward toward the temple and the summit of the hill, you hear the sound of running water against rock. All of the sky is visible, now. The sun and sky seem to come closer as you approach the temple.

You realize that it was this temple you sought when you began to walk upward. You know this temple. Each time you see it, you realize more of the many things you have always known about it.

Great columns of stone support the temple, and there is a beautiful design above the arches in front. The motif of the design may include symbols or writings. Look at them closely to decipher their meaning in relationship to your soul. Let them touch you deeply and hold them in your heart and memory.

The temple is your place of inner knowing, and its outer appearance, its architecture, its size, and the elements of its construction are all increasingly familiar.

A pool of water flows near the front of the temple and down over rocks. You watch and listen as it tumbles over the rocks, making a magical music of its own.

You are preparing to enter this temple. But first, look once again at the forest and ocean far below, and the masses of flowers at your feet. Take a moment to see the grandeur of this creation of your heart. There is no place anywhere like this one it is your own creation, the creation of your Higher Self.

Now, step inside the temple and feel the stone floor beneath your feet. Look at the floor and feel it. What is it composed of? Is there a design on the floor? There are huge columns that support the roof and large openings or windows that look out at the beautiful view of the sea. A cool breeze moves through the windows and you feel it against your arms and legs.

There is an altar in the center of the temple. It is the altar of your heart.

As you move toward the altar, focus your consciousness on the center of your chest, in the heart chakra, the place of the fire of the heart. As you look at the altar, begin to meditate on a pink flame you can imagine or visualize within the center of your heart. It may be small or large, but it is there, in the center of your chest. And as you think about it, it grows larger.

As you meditate on the pink fire within your heart, a reciprocal pink flame appears and burns within the altar. As you focus on this outward flame, it also grows larger and larger.

There is a space in the ceiling of the temple above the altar. And as you focus on the flame, the flame grows and grows until it reaches up into the sky.

Much can be accomplished with this pink flame. As you focus on the flame, you can surrender the suffering of your being. You can hold in the flame all of the times that you were hurt or disappointed or angry, and watch them be consumed.

You may bring forth a painful event, and the flame will consume it. You can feel the emotion diminish, allowing all of the pain in your being to be incinerated by the fire.

You can also bring forth thoughts of disputes or conflicts you have with others, and allow these, also, to be consumed in the flame. When the flame has burned away the dross of these feelings, you will have a sense of completion and closure.

Sometimes, the flame will immediately extinguish all of the thoughts associated with suffering or a dispute; other times, you must hold these thoughts for many days in the flame before they are completely extinguished.

You can think of the people you love, and extend the flame toward them. Watch as the flame travels to these people, encompassing them in its beautiful pink light.

Imagine those in your life who need healing, and see the flame travel to each of them.

You may choose to see the family to which you are related and also your family of friends, and imagine the pink flame traveling from person to person.

If you are disciplined in your meditation, then at some point you may feel drawn to step into the flame. Wait until you are ready.

When it is time for you to enter the flame, you will be in the true Secret Space in the Heart, where there is only love and beauty.

As you become accustomed to this practice, you may find that the flame can travel through your tissues and being, bringing profound healing.

You can ask that the flame travel through each cell of the body and regenerate it.

You can create in this pink flame. Take some time here to dream the life you want for yourself and your loved ones. Dream the world you want to see when you wake up each morning. Dream the world as a safe and loving and abundant place for all of her children. Within the pink flame, live with ease in the world of your most cherished hopes and dreams.

When you are ready to leave, imagine the flame becoming smaller once again, being held securely and safely in the altar within the temple.

Now, leave the temple. Travel past the area around it and down the path, through the woods, and back to the shore.

As you stand on the shore, look upward toward the temple and think of your heart's flame burning there, softly and surely.

Now, open your eyes and return.

If you sincerely practice this meditation, you may notice changes in your relationships with others, and even physical changes in your body. At some point, it will become easy to imagine the pink flame of your heart chakra extending toward others when they feel distress or pain.

After some practice, the flame can be used consciously without the meditation. In some ways, you will always be within it.

Once this has happened, then if you feel, see, or hear children who are suffering or people in public places who are uncomfortable, you can send forth this flame to heal them. You can use it to heal
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Re: pink flame meditation

Post by ATouchofHeart on August 20th 2013, 8:11 pm

Thank you Laura Ann.
Sounds delightful.

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