i love books

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i love books

Post by laura ann on April 2nd 2012, 10:30 am


What is it about a book that makes it so special. Could it be the contents? Or is it the texture? I love books. I love the way they look. I love their smell. I of course love the stories they tell. I am not a fan of pdf files. Of course I have them as it is part of the new way but I can't seem to connect with the words in them. I have found if I print them out I then can connect. I then can absorb the words written.

The stories in books are great but it is more than that for me. It is as if my hands simply holding the written manuscript opens a doorway or builds a bridge from my hands through the book and connects to my mind. I can read the very same words online but for some reason it doesn't connect or resonate to my mind nearly as fast as when I hold it in my hands.

Maybe I used to be a tree in another life and the cooked tree pulp that is now such beautiful ivory paper used to be me or some member of my family. One thing is for sure there is a definate connection when the words are on paper.

I love the textures, whether rough or slick. It doesn't matter to me if the book is luscous leather,or cloth or paper. It doesn't matter if it's sewn or glued or a simple lacing with holes to bind.

I must admit I could make a librarian swoon. If the book is mine,I mark in it , I write in it,I highlight passages, draw stars and make check marks. I write in the margins. I doodle in a corner. And I am probably going to break the spine. Oh my did I feel you wince? Get over it is mine.

In my fantasy world of lottery winnings I have a room with books a plenty. With walls of shelfs from floor to ceiling. With just enough windows to allow some light. There are rows and rows and stacks and stacks of delicious mind altering material for me to wile away the hours. There is a fireplace in the corner with a warm glowing ember and comfortable chairs to curl up in especially in the winter. The perfect spot to become one with a book. To while away countless hours of knowledge absorbtion or pleasure I seek. Of love being sought or a cowboy being shot. Of far away lands and times gone by. I can travel the universe with only time flying by.

Yes I have to confess I truly love books and the knowledge within. There have been times when I felt my head was a book. I've actually cooked meals with a child on my hip and a book in the other hand. So rapt into a story my mind wouldn't disconnect from the words on the page.

I know I am not alone in the bedtime ritual of I'll read one more page then turn out the light. Then as you finish that page your mind is the book and the connection won't break. So you turn the page and continue to read. Well the next thing you notice an hour has passed and you keep saying I have to get up to go to work so you force yourself to disconnect. You lovingly mark your page and ever so gently place your precious book beside the bed . Then you lay there wide awake trying to still disconnect and wondering how it will end.

There is something just so amazing when the words on the paper connects with the mind's imagination and the book and the mind become a mesh of one. I simply love BOOKS

laura ann
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